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The active programme for our guests

Whether you are out and about in nature or in the gym, make sure exercise is fun for you! This ranges from sporting activities to mental relaxation.


The name “five Tibetans” stands for the performance of five movements, which are said to keep the body and mind healthy and are believed to have been successfully practised by Tibetan monks for centuries. Supporters of this series of movements believe that Chakra energies are harmonised. Supporters claim these individual exercises provide specific body and spiritual benefits. These range from the strengthening of the immune system, a more radiant complexion to the correction of prejudices. In good weather, you can perform these 5 body movements from Tibet with our fitness trainer on our panoramic rooftop terrace. (otherwise in our spa facility).


The Sun Salutation sequence in yoga has many positive effects on our bodies and minds. It involves the stretching and strengthening of the leg, buttock, back, stomach, chest and arm muscles. The Sun Salutation helps us to find new energy and also brings us to feel a sense of peace

NORDIC WALKING is an activity that anyone can do because there are no associated medical risks. In contrast to sports like jogging, tennis or badminton, far less strain is put on the joints when doing Nordic Walking.

AQUAGYM is an effective yet gentle exercise package for your health, fitness and well-being. You are never too old or too unsporty, even if you are a non-swimmer.

PILATES is a gentle, yet highly effective exercise method for both the body and mind. It is a systematic means of body exercise, which was founded and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Individual muscles or muscle sections are specifically targeted and stimulated, relaxed and stretched. It is not the quantity but the quality of the PILATES’ moves that count, while breathing is controlled and coordinated with the different movements.