Our absolute highlights

Places you will remember forever

If you want to give your hiking boots, bike or golf clubs a break, then consider one of the tips listed here. Between the scent of flowers, cultural treasures and panoramic views, you will definitely feel one thing: like being in the right place at the right time.

Ride the basket and chair lift

Float up from Lagundo (Plars) to Vellau with two nostalgic lifts and dangle your feet over vineyards and forests.

Bouldering in Lagundo

Climbing in one of the largest outdoor bouldering areas in South Tyrol in Lagundo or in Italy's largest climbing hall in Bolzano.

Take a seat on the Trauttmansdorff throne chairs

Let your gaze wander into the distance on a slightly different viewing platform and feel like royalty.

Tandem flights for an adrenaline rush

Soar into the air like an eagle on a tandem flight and glide from the high mountains down into the valley below.

A day in the spa town of Merano

Walk from Avidea directly to Merano, stroll past boutiques and enjoy a coffee on the Passer promenade.

Walk in the Trauttmansdorff gardens

Discover over 80 garden landscapes from all over the world, picnic at the water lily pond and listen to famous musicians.

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